What We Value

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.  Acts 2:42

We as a community of Christ followers are building our church upon the gospel (the Good News of Christ's work on the cross) and upon the following core values: 

The Truth of God’s Word:

Spiritual health is accomplished through consistent teaching, study, and application of the Word of God.  Our life together as a community is built upon the clear teaching and relevant application of God's Word the Bible; both Old and New Testaments.  We desire to be a people who are devoted to the Scriptures and growing in the truth of God’s Word through Bible study and discipleship.

The Joy of True Worship:

True worship is a life response to God for all He is and all He has done.  Our worship together should engage our mind, heart, and will, as we turn God-ward in celebration, and intimacy.  We desire our worship style to be culturally relevant, Biblically informed, and Spiritually engaging.

The Gift of Authentic Community:

Living out the Christian life means living in authentic Christian community.  We believe that the church is made up of imperfect ordinary people who are growing in love with Jesus.  We want our stories of faith; our triumphs and our failures to be the place where Jesus meets us as we open our lives to one another. 

 The Spiritual Life of Prayer:

Prayer in it’s many forms is essential for living from the fulness of His presence.  In a world where the soul is often neglected, we desire to grow deeper in our spiritual life together and in our private walk with the Lord through prayer and the disciplines of the Spiritual life.

 The Call to Live the Good News:

The church is God’s plan to reveal Himself to a broken world.  We long to move out in our community, at work, and in our families as living expressions of Christ’s redeeming love.  We desire to witness through our good works and through our words to God’s saving grace in Christ.  We delight as a people to support likeminded missions throughout the world.